The Artist


I was born in Amman, Jordan and have spent half of my life in Jordan and the other half in the UK. Wherever I am, I'm inspired by the weather, the climate and the landscapes around me.

During my time working as a research scientist in organic chemistry in Cambridge, UK, I began to experiment with photography as a creative outlet, particularly with 35mm film. Inspired by the film photography community online, I began to share my work on Flickr and Instagram around 2015. 

My works are the result of 10+ years of experimentation with all the tools available to me, including all kinds of cameras, 35mm film, darkroom developing, scanning and editing on my laptop. My process combines traditional manual photography techniques (film) with newer digital methods (scanning the film and editing it).

I enjoy transforming a scene such that it becomes what the mind sees rather than what the camera sees. The aim is not to trick the viewer but to nurture curiosity by treading the fine line between reality and imagination. I take a camera with me wherever I go and am driven to capture places both familiar and new. My love of colour and of timeless landscapes hugely influences my photos - the result is a body of work that is ethereal, playful and melancholic.

Alongside selling prints of my photos via this store, I license photos to musicians for album artwork and to companies like Apple, Instagram, Sony and Lexus for various uses - get in touch to discuss your thoughts.​​​​​​​

If you have any questions, send me an email to